Wow! Time really flies


Wow time really flies!

And I can’t believe I haven’t written anything on the blog for over a year.

The only excuse I have is that we have been working really hard at making our shop into an even better “go to’ destination for our friends and neighbors.

In response to our customers requests and our own constant search for unique and fun new items to sell, the inventory of the shop keeps evolving to reflect the varied tastes of our clientele.

Since we first opened we have almost completely changed the selection of merchandise we sell and some of the best items in the store were recommended to us by our growing and loyal clientele.

In addition, we now carry several lines in the store that are not available on our website including

Fun Factory, N-joy,  Zumio and Liberator brands plus a complete and evolving selections of lubes, lotions and supplements,  to name a few.

One thing that hasn’t change is our world class customer service.

Knock First is a Golden Rule Company, where the customer always comes first!

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