Am I dreaming

So, I probably fell asleep around 12:30 am last night. I woke up to hear Trump making his acceptance speech.

The first thing I remember hearing is “she just called me to concede the election….”

Wow, am I dreaming?…. I think not.

Quickly starting to wake up, I sat there riveted to the screen watching Trump sound almost Presidential..

I think I remember him actually complimenting Hillary, but still I was nervous knowing that the whole world was now watching not candidate Trump, but our new president elect, someone who will speak for our nation.  No talk about emails, lying, rigged elections, etc. Short speech, almost sounding heartfelt and with a twinge of responsibility to the nation for what he had gotten himself and the nation into.

He truly has drained the swamp, and now he is standing tall above it visible to all.

Lets hope and pray he has the wisdom and humility to be thoughtful and considerate before wielding his new unbelieveable visibility and power.

If not, I want everyone to be aware of this product which might be needed to help us all.


under contro

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