My name is Kevin Bronfin. I am often asked why I decided to open Knock First.  So here goes..

I am a life long retailer in Mongomery County, previously owning The Complement luggage stores   and Apres Peau lingerie stores. Over the years, I did some consulting with a local small chain of adult stores called Night Dreams.  Owned by Brenda Long, Night Dreams had a store in Bethesda and then Kensington, and also a store in Wintergreen Plaza called Forbidden Fruit, (Forbidden Fruit closed 3 years ago)

Brenda decided to close her Kensington, North Bethesda, Night Dreams location because it was just too large and the center had lost several of its other key retailers, including David’s Bridal Shop and Kinko’s.

We went looking for another location, and stumbled upon Richie Center, just 3 miles up the Pike from her store.

We were looking for smaller discreet location that was convenient to her former customers, and could more easily serve the Rockville, Gaithersburg, and Potomac area.

Personal problems prevented Brenda from opening another Night Dreams, and the new location remained vacant for several months.. She has since sold her Night Dreams store in Virginia.

I couldn’t get the location out of mind because is was so perfect for the use, so I decided, with Brenda’s blessings, to open Knock First.

Based on the same principles as Night Dreams, Knock First has added a new twist on the “couples boutique” adult toy business.

Our in-store inventory is loaded with brands usually found in Europe and Canada, because I have always

found them to be of impeccable quality, while at the same time being much less expensive, than the brands most store in the USA carry.    See for yourself!

Additionally, we have partnered with Zenith Galleries of Washington DC to have a revolving exhibit of original, erotic, sensual art which will provide a unique home for the works of many noted artists.

We provide an elegant, and discreet location staffed by myself and my experienced sales associates to make your shopping experience comfortable, informative, and fun.

Hope to see you!